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Basically it boils down to Windows Backup doesn't work with the 4k sectors found in Advanced Format (AF) drives. I tried patches and re-partitioning and changing my disk label to GPT and creating two smaller partitions and sector alignment and on and on and on.  On a side note I found that the drive came with a hidden 50G partition that required a boot into Gparted to blow away.  I know that is a drop in the bucket compared to 4TB, but really, Seagate?  Really?  There are reports that Western Digital released a tool to reconfigure their AF drives to work with Windows Backup, but I cannot confirm those allegations and I suspect that they are false.  All of the patches and workarounds thus far have been to get AF drives to work with Windows in general (as data drives), not to make them work with Windows Backup.  Given that Windows Backup is more than just a simple file copying utility I don't see any of these hacks changing the fact that Microsoft has flat out said AF drives don't work with it, but, of course, they are great at directly contradicting themselves as well.  It sounds like Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 are going to be the first versions to fully embrace AF.